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Whether you're building a personal and/or business brand, it true that it can take years to build a stellar reputation and just minutes for it to be destroyed. The internet makes it easy for individuals and businesses to create an online brand/identity which in turn establishes a trustworthy online presence. 

It's noted that the internet has become user-friendly and is often the first-use approach in conducting searches for businesses and people. Unfortunately, there remains a dark-side by those marketing their brand online. Bad actors could potentially influence your reputation and hurt your bottom line resulting from negative posts, blogs, and online comments. 

On the positive side, if you or your business fall victim to libel and/or seeking experts to monitor your brand, we can provide day-to-day monitoring solutions to keep your brand's online presence pristine. 


And if you’re like most individuals and/or business owners, you don’t have the time to monitor your online brand 24/7. That’s where 007 Intel can assist!



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