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About us
Evan, Sara, and Ricky  are Texas licensed private investigators who bring a combined 60+ years of law-enforcement and counter-terrorism intelligence experience. Evan is a retired Supervisory Special Agent at the FBI and has worked as a Special Agent at the FDA, Lt. in the Law Enforcement Division, Office of Inspector General, Texas Health & Human Services Commission, US Attorney General Protection Detail, and as a SWAT Team member/Firearms Instructor. Sara is a former counter-terrorism intelligence analyst, federal undercover operative and is a Ph.D. candidate with top-tier research experience.

License Verification

The Regulatory Services Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS) requires any person performing private investigative work to be fully insured and to hold a current, non-expired private investigations firm license and individual pocket card.

It's important that any prospective client seeking private investigative services perform a verification check. In Texas, we encourage you to verify our licensure via the TXDPS "TOPS" website and searching by "007 Intel" and/or "Evan J. Rae". 
TXDPS Firm License No. A18931601

Please visit:

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