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Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Rae et al. will investigate suspicions of fraudulent PPP loan activities that have taken away the opportunities for small businesses who were in dire need. Mr. Rae spent a majority of his time at the FBI investigating white-collar fraud.


According to the New York Times, it is estimated that at minimum, 15% of PPP loans were fraudulent and given to those with greedy ambitions while restaurants and retailers had to shut their doors. Investigating this waste and abuse of the system is very personal to Mr. Rae and the Department of Justice.


Be a hero and report any suspicions to us and we will investigate. If we deem the suspicion is of merit, we will submit that complaint on your behalf anonymously with supplemental attachments of our findings to the SBA's Office of the Inspector General. After retiring from the Bureau, Mr. Rae served as the Health Human Services Commission's Office of the Inspector General, so he understands the protocol of this type of reporting/investigation.


Here is a clip explaining some of our services:


Our fee for this type of investigation is hourly. 

007 Intel's Fraud Investigations and Dossier

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